Johnathan Guest DIT and Rentals Manager

Johnathan Guest is a DIT and Post Specialist at Halcyon Digital. While he holds a Masters of Architecture (professional) from the University of Auckland his creative and technical pursuits have led him to spend more time in the film industry than architecture. Johnathan is the go-to-guy for post production workflow advice, while on set he specialises in the role of DIT (he is also proficient as a vid split operator). His passion lies with post colour grading workflow and techniques. He is also the chief rental contact for Halcyon Digital.

Johnathan has been involved with several productions including Deathgasm (feature film), season 2 of Xfactor NZ (reality TV), seasons 2 and 3 of Flat 3 (web series) season 3 of The Almighty Johnsons, season 2 of Auckland Daze, Ghost Bride (feature film), The Factory (web series), the UK reality travel show RV Rampage and various TVCs by agencies around New Zealand. He enjoys nothing more than a meal of fish and chips in summer with a beer in hand, his star sign is Gemini. You can view his website here.

Nick Burridge DIT and camera specialist

Originally hailing from the UK, Nick has been working in the screen production industry in New Zealand since 2009, and has provided support on many different productions in a variety of roles. Most recently he has been the RED consultant and troubleshooter for South Pacific Picture's new show The Blue Rose and season 3 of The Almighty Johnsons. He has also worked on a number of feature films and TVCs, both as a DIT or vid split operator, and as a VFX supervisor.

Nick has worked for several different production companies and agencies, including The Sweet Shop, Robber's Dog, Colenso BBDO, WHYBIN\TBWA, and others. Nick has also been involved in many smaller productions, generally in the camera department, and has also recently taught digital design at AUT University as a guest lecturer. He enjoys a cold pint on a hot day, reruns of MacGyver, and his star sign is Scorpio. You can watch his reel here and view his website here.