'Kestrel' DIT station

Our custom-built 'Kestrel' station houses a 17" MacBook Pro and a variety of fast card readers (including RED, SxS, CF, and P2), a 750W backup power supply, 6TB of shock-mounted RAID storage, and a 4 bay hard drive array for client drives. Thunderbolt eSATA and USB3.0 connections throughout make download times some of the fastest available, and the rackmount case is easily transportable.

This system is loaded with a range of data management software for offloading and checksumming your data to ensure corruption-free copies, as well as playback and grading software for reviewing material from previous days and generating rushes.


'Sparrow' Data Wrangling Station

Our ultra portable 'Sparrow' data wrangling station is everything you need to make sure you safely backup your data on set. Containing a 13" MacbookPro Retina along with various card readers, that can be swapped in to suit whatever cameras you are shooting with, the kit also houses a 6TB RAID, USB3 and eSATA connections for drives ensuring the quickest possible offload speeds. The system is loaded with software for offloading and checksumming your data to ensure corruption-free copies, as well as playback software for reviewing material.

A 1500W UPS in an easy to carry case provides backup power for the kit ensuring no downtime and data safety. This is an extra $25 per day.


Media and storage

For delivery of rushes/dailies and transcoded media we are happy to supply drives, please contact us to discuss your requirements. In addition we also have off-site server storage and LTO tape storage systems (for long-term archival) available.

Please contact us to discuss a quote

Grading and finishing systems

We have both DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Smoke packages for grading and finishing projects in-house, as well as a calibrated theatre for reviewing your material. We also have the ability to produce visual effects in-house.

ideal for low-cost or independent projects

Please contact us to discuss a quote

Transcoding and editing

We offer transcoding of footage from XDCAM, AVCHD, H264, Alexa, Phantom, RED, and others into whatever format is needed for your workflow. We have a RED Rocket card for fast turnaround of RED material, and an Alexa pipeline for preparing LUTed material for an offline edit. We also have a variety of tools for extracting the maximum possible quality from your H264 footage for DSLR shoots.

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Honda EU20i Generator

This generator, popular because of its low noise level and fuel efficiency, can provide up to 2kW of power to be used on location or as an emergency power supply.

Ideal for running our portable DIT kits and monitors anywhere power isn't available.